Strada della lavanda ( The Lavender Road) - Ravenna Intorno

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Ravenna Intorno
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Strada della lavanda ( The Lavender Road)

lavender road

It is a nature  scenic trail among the colours and perfume of the lavender along the Senio valley. The Lavender Road runs along the side of the valley, is bordered by different varieties of lavender. The path winds from ridge to ridge between the greens and the bright colour of the lavender. This plant flowers from mid-June to mid-August and offers to the visitors a fantastic view of the hills. The road also leads to the Herb Garden in Casola Valsenio.

When: this itinerary can be followed all year round, better  from mid-June to mid-August

How: by car or on foot (for possible stops during the road trip)

Organisation: Free, individual

Trip itinerary: "La Strada della Lavanda" is a route which follows the ss 9 Via Emilia until you reach  Castel Bolognese, ss 306 Casolana going towards  Riolo Terme – Casola Valsenio;  SP 70 towards Prugno  (turn-off towards the Medicinal Herbs Garden),  and then SP 63 via della Valletta towards Zattaglia (La Strada della Lavanda, the scenic Lavender Road).