Strada dei castagneti (The Chestnut Road) - Ravenna Intorno

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Ravenna Intorno
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Strada dei castagneti (The Chestnut Road)

chestnut road

The history of Casola Valsenio and Brisighella is deeply linked with  the history of the chestnuts. The chestnuts of that area  is one of the most well-known  chestnut varieties inItalyand abroad.  The centuries-old chestnut woods in the Faenza upper Appennines produce the Casola Valsenio and Brisighella marron chestnuts, that is to say an extraordinary fruit. The highlander community has applied for the IGP designation, to safeguard product quality.  The chestnut groves covers approximately450 hectaresof land. The chestnut harvest, as well as the selecting of the chestnuts, is generally done by hand in the months of October and November, but  "The Chestnut Road" " is is the chance to know the world of chestnuts and maroons, not only in October but throughout the whole year and with the chestnut farmers, that grow and sell this fruit, as well as those who offer tourists a way to acquaint themselves with all the products that derive form the chestnut and the chestnut wood.

 map (1,524kB - PDF)

When: this itinerary can be followed all year round, better  from October to November

How:  by car or on foot (for possible stops during the road trip, or for the chestnut picking)

Oraganisation: free, individual

Trip itinerary: ss 306 Casolana going towards Casola Valsenio; after Casola Valsenio: first turning into via Cerro, going towards Val di Fusa, second turning in Sommorio.