Viabizzuno Agricola - Ravenna Intorno

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Ravenna Intorno
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Viabizzuno Agricola - Lugo

via Bizzuno, 15/2 - Lugo
Opening hours: To visit the winery, call for an appointment +39 335 5428811 Mr Italino
Phone: +39 335 5428811

The vineyard is situated in the Brisighella hills at 300 metres above sea level, on cretaceous soil, surrounded by woods and olive groves and facing south.
Grape yield is about 125ql per acre. Since 2011, the crop has been certified as organic.
The wine is made at the Villa Papiano winery in Modigliana.
The objective of this project was to combine the business for which Viabizzuno is internationally known (lighting and design), with a quality product of our land, its wine.

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