Quadalti - Ravenna Intorno

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Ravenna Intorno
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Quadalti - Riolo Terme

via Caduti di Torranello, 19 - Riolo Terme
Opening hours: To visit the winery, call for an appointment +39 0546 71370 or +39 347 4195803 Ms Cristina
Phone: +39 0546 71370 - +39 347 4195803

The Quadalti estate was founded in the 70's by brothers Bruno and Luciano but, after many years, it is now run by Bruno’s sons, Davide and Marco who, with the love of the land inherited from their father and uncle from an early age, have carried on the family traditions in the art of making wine.


The 38 or so acres of vineyard, fully exposed to the sun, are located in the hills immediately above Riolo Terme, in Romagna, 230 metres above sea level. “Thanks to careful selection of the best grapes, harvested at the right time and with accurate vinification, our wines maintain their proudly authentic qualities, while following changing consumer tastes. It was actually the emphasis on the value of our products that has marked our success over the years, establishing a nationwide customer base.”

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