Azienda Roberto e Nicola Ercolani - Ravenna Intorno

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Ravenna Intorno
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Azienda Roberto e Nicola Ercolani - Bagnacavallo

via Albergone Vecchia, 24 - Bagnacavallo
Opening hours: To visit the winery, call for an appointment +39 0545 63559
Phone: +39 0545 63559

Located in Bagnacavallo, in the plain of  Ravenna, the Ercolani company stands near the bank of the Lamone river in a total area of 15 hectares by vineyards. Born in 1929, the company was founded by four brothers, Luigi, Antonio, Aldo and Primo Ercolani and, up until the eighties, was involved in various forms of cultivation, from sowing to fruit and vine growing.


In 1950, proving that the belief the quality wines can not be produced in the plains while, ar the same time, preservating the experience gained over time of the surrounding land. At the end of the seventies, the company introduced an autochthonous red-berry vineyard, a type particularly rich with resveratrol, an essential component for preventing heart and circulatort diseases. Following more than twenty years of careful evaluation and in cooperation with the “C.R.P.V. in Emilia Romagna”, the vineyard was classified and recognized as Longanesi grape Protect Geografic Indication, or “Bursòn” in the local dilect.