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Piadina romagnola

piadina and crescioni

The "piadina" is Romagna's most traditional speciality. Actually, it  is a sort of unleavened bread, a flatbread, formerly cooked on a special earthenware slab called "testo" over a charcoal fire; nowadays, they generally use an iron frying-pan.

Ingredients for 6-8 persons:

1 kg. of  white flour (Italian “00” flour or equivalent), 4 g. of soda bicarbonate,  un pinch of salt, enough warm water or warm milk ,300 gof pork lard (for a light piadina a glass of olive oil, or only150 gof lard ).


Mix into dough all the ingredients with enough warm water or milk to get a rather solid dough. The dough should be perfectly worked (it should not  be too soft  but not too hard ) and externally should be smooth. Roll it out into half a cm thick and 15-20 cmlarge disks. Put a flat pan (specifically designed for the piadina) onto the cooker so that it becomes very hot. Cook the piadina into the  pan, turning it  over frequently.  At this stage the piadina may rise a bit or a few bubbles may form. Pierce  the bubbles with a fork tip to ensure that the surface is flat. You can eat the piadina with a selection of Romagna cured meats (coppa, salame, bacon, ciccioli, coppa di testa, etc) and  with different types of cheese as well as many other delicacies.

Remember, a good glass of red wine, such as Sangiovese di Romagna, is essential!