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Passatelli in brodo or passatelli in broth

passatelli in broth

Passatelli are a classic Romagnan specialty, made with a cup-and-plunger-like device that forces dough through a plate with 4-5 mm diameter holes in it, thus forming strings that are called passatelli.

Ingredients for  6 persons:

150 g of breadcrumbs , 150 g of  grated Parmesan cheese, 4 whole eggs, a pinch of nutmeg.

2 litres of meat broth


In a bowl, combine the breadcrumbs, cheese, eggs  and nutmeg.  The resulting dough should be fairly firm. With the traditional tool (a sort  of slotted thin metallic slab, which you have to push the dough through a kind of potato ricer) get the “passatelli”,  which have a cylindrical shape.  Then cut them 4 to 8 cm long. In order to prevent passatelli from  melting,  you have to lay them on a paper tray and then let the passatelli  rest for at least  half  an hour. Another device is to add a couple of tablespoons of flour. Bring the broth to a boil. Cook them  into the boiling broth. As soon as the passatelli have risen to the surface, the are ready. Serve very hot.

The wine? White wine such as Trebbiano di Romagna or  Pagadebit di Romagna is perfect.