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Ravenna Intorno
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The Vena del Gesso is a long gypseous outcrop, which, alongside the scaly clay inlets extending in front of it, runs northeast-southwest from the Province’s border toward Brisighella.  
The vein is characterized by intense karst phenomena, a huge cave complex (Grotta della Tanaccia, Grotta di Re Tiberio), dolines, swallow-holes (Abisso Fantini, Abisso Mornig) and springs (Rio Gambellaro, Rio Stella).  The area is crossed by four streams originating in the Appennines (Santerno, Senio, Sintria, Lamone).
The vegetation is particularly variegated, with typically Mediterranean elements, and cliffs alternating scrubs and  garigues. 

In the area of the Vena del Gesso there are the naturalistic park named ‘Carné’ and also the Museo del Paessaggio , in the Rocca di Riolo, and the Museo geologico del Monticino.