Pineta di Classe e Salina di Cervia - Ravenna Intorno

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Ravenna Intorno
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Pineta di Classe e Salina di Cervia - Cervia


The ‘Pineta di Classe e Salina di Cervia’ site is based in the areas named ‘Ortazzo’and ‘Ortazzino’, and includes the delta of the Stream Bevano. It is one of the most valuable sites in the Province of Ravenna and indeed in the whole Adriatic Coast, due to its variety of wild lands. Ortazzino is a large wet meadow, with a wealth of bird life and vegetation. Ortazzo is a wetland with shallow water and varied vegetation.

The ‘Pineta di Classe’ and ‘Pineta di Cervia’ are what remains of the old Ravenna wood. The ‘Salina di Cervia’, of Etruscan origin but still in use, includes ponds with various salinity levels and extremely salty mud expanses, separated by a network of low embankments presenting a typical vegetation.

The area is a paradise for lovers of nature tourism and bird-watching (ducks, herons and flamingos) and for nature photography enthusiasts, with numerous opportunities for hiking and mountain biking.