Porto Corsini - Ravenna Intorno

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Ravenna Intorno
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Porto Corsini


This small fishing village is located on the north side of the port canal that divides it from the lively Marina di Ravenna, to which it is connected by a continuously running ferry boat.


Characterised by a wide beach with modern facilities, like the other beaches of Ravenna, Porto Corsini also stands in a surprisingly beautiful area, between the sea and the age-old Pineta di San Vitale.

This site is an ideal destination for those looking for an active holiday with close contact to nature, while at the same time enjoying some of the numerous events organized during the summer season.

Here it is possible to devote oneself to water sports or equestrian sports at one of the active sailing schools or the renowned equestrian center. Tourists can also explore on foot or by bicycle, the many paths that enter the ancient pine forest, so full of vivid images the likes of which inspired Boccaccio to produce the Botticelli and the story of Nastagio degli Onesti. The three paintings that illustrate this novel are now preserved at the Prado Museum, Madrid.

Definitely worth trying, is the experience of a walk in the sea during which you walk more than two kilometres over the dam, which starts from the beach and finishes at the northern bay of the port.

The dam is also a favorite destination for anglers, cyclists and runners.

Besides offering beautiful nature trails in this area the Park of the Po Delta hosts an interesting historical monument: the shelter of Pontaccio. Built as a hunting retreat in 1810, it would not have been preserved if it had not become famous for the passage of Giuseppe Garibaldi.

Finally, if you wish to extend your travels, there is an active, high-speed sea link with Croatia and Slovenia from Porto Corsini.

Summer market: Sunday morning Via Sirotti