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Ravenna Intorno
Oggi è Monday 6 April 2020 Ora corrente
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Pinarella is epitomised by the sea, nature, wellness, relaxation, entertainment, events, sports, good food, traditions, culture, and history: 1,000 emotions to live by all year round.


Pinarella was created as an extension to the south of Cervia and, in time, has managed to carve out its own niche, thereby increasing the number of tourists who want to visit this welcoming area.

Today the town is full of shopping malls, clubs, sports facilities and a water park. In the evening, the centre comes alive thanks to the many tourism initiatives.

The magnificent pine forest, which spreads along the beach, is characterized by the presence of paths and "life routes", allowing you to fully enjoy the beauty of nature.

The beaches are clean, comfortable and well-equipped. A rich entertainment program takes care of your days by the sea.

Not to be missed is the Fiera di San Giuseppe (the feast day of St. Joseph), Sagra della Seppia (the Cuttlefish Festival), and the traditional celebration for the opening of the season. The entertainment includes traditional Romagnola shows, musical displays, and traditional markets with stands where you can taste the best seafood dishes from the region.

Summer market: Tuesday morning Piazza Premi Nobel e Via Quasimodo