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Ravenna Intorno
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Fusignano is the native town of Arcangelo Corelli (1653 – 1713, the violinist of excellence who regulated the instrumental music. Town’s origins are related to the 1250 flood when, after Donigallia castle ruins, Cunio counts shifted their residence to the ancient fundus Fuscinianus. Here, they built a manor, which bacame the Castle of Fusignano.


Historical events and architectural characteristics of the past when Fusignano was under Estensi domination and afterwards under the Pope’s one were mainly swept away during the Second World War which stopped for four months on the river Senio and irreparably damaged Fusignano.

The Chiesa del Pio Suffragio which dominates the northern side of the today’s Piazza Maggiore partly survived the destruction. This church was built in 1753 'thanks to people’s charity' on the place which was the scene of bloody fighting between Corelli’s family and Calcagnini’s feudatory family. Inside the church it is possible to admire the paintings Madonna del Buon Consiglio e Santi, Morte di S. Giuseppe and Vergine che appare a Sant'Anna morente, all of them attributed to Benedetto Dal Buono from Lugo.

In Piazza Armandi stands the late medieval Chiesa di San Giovanni Battista which was rebuilt several times and was completely bombed out. This church houses the valuable painting Battesimo di Cristo attributed to Dosso and Battista Dossi and the Beata Vergine Maria Patrona Fusiniani, a sixteenth-century painting attributed to the friar Francesco Acquaviva.

At a walking distance from the main square, in Piazza Calcagnini, there is a nineteenth-century urn in Canova style which is located on the place where the Castle of Fusignano anciently stood.

Market: Tuesday and Friday morning Corso Emaldi e Piazza Armandi

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The sixteenth-century environments of the ancient hospital houses the Museo Civico San Rocco where there is an important collection of Marian devotional plates in ceramic made between the XVI and the XX century.

In honour of this distinguished fellow citizen Fusignano has recently inaugurated the Auditorium Arcangelo Corelli. An excellent place to listen to music which was planned and built using the most modern and effective technical devices.

In the vicinity of Fusignano we recommend two visits. The first one is in Maiano Monti, a hamlet where stands the eighteenth-century Villa which belonged to Vincenzo Monti’s family, one of the most important Italian Neoclassical poets. The second visit is in San Savino to the rural Church which houses a wandering sarcophagus from Ravenna (V century). According to tradition, the sarcophagus would have guarded the body of the holy bishop and martyr who evangelised Fusignano countryside.

As far as events are concerned, the festival the 8th September in Fusignano is specially interesting thanks to lively initiatives and events. This is a traditional popular festival which is originated from celebrations consecrated to the Madonna, Fusignano patroness.

Market: Tuesday and Friday morning Corso Emaldi e Piazza Armandi