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Ravenna Intorno
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Casal Borsetti


Located at the northern extreme of the Ravenna coast, Casal Borsetti is a delightful town on the Adriatic divided in two by the scenic harbour canal. The idyllic natural setting is particularly attractive to nature-lovers.


This ancient fishing village, whose origins date back to the early years of last century, is located in the heart of the Regional Park of the Po Delta and is an ideal starting point for the attractive hikes to the natural oases of Punte Alberete and Valli di Comacchio.

Casal Borsetti is devoted to outdoor life.

The town has the largest campsite in Ravenna providing 13,000m2 of green land located only 100m from the beach. It is one of the most attractive and well-equipped camping sites in Italy. Even man’s best friend is catered for with a wide stretch of free beach available for dog-walking by order of the Municipality.

Among the summer events in the town, August 10th, dedicated to the Festival of San Lorenzo, is worth noting. There are sandcastle competitions, climbing the May Pole, the "Marriage of the Sea" and, at the end of the evening, a large fireworks display.

About 4 km from Casal Borsetti, on the northern limit of the natural oasis "Valle della Canna", Mandriole, a small place deeply linked to the adventures of the Trafila di Garibaldi and the death of his wife Anita, deserves a visit.