Lido di Savio - Ravenna Intorno

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Ravenna Intorno
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Lido di Savio


Lido di Savio is a  welcoming and dynamic seaside resort that, like the other Beaches of Ravenna, has the wonderful combination of the sea and the old pinewoods.

Located south of the mouth of the River Savio, from which it takes its name, this beach is in an elegant, well-kept urban area.There are many modern bathing establishments to choose from, all of which have been designed to blend in harmoniously with their surroundings along more than 2 kilometers of beach. Sports facilities to suit every taste are available from the equestrian centre to the tennis courts, the water slide to the sailing clubs, and the chance to go fishing, practise rowing and water skiing, and to fly with ultralight aircrafts over this area so rich in natural beauty.