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Ravenna Intorno
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Cervia is one of the most popular holiday resorts in the Riviera. It enjoys international fame and every year about four million tourists, both Italians and people from abroad, come to visit this beautiful town. The heart of Cervia is Piazza Garibaldi, which periodically hosts events, fairs and concerts. The square contains architecturally and artistically significant buildings, such as the eighteenth century Cathedral of the Assumption and the porticoed building of the Town Hall, featuring the Clock Tower. In the adjacent Piazza Pisacane, the ancient marketplace, there is a striking building where the ancient fish-markets were housed. Continuing along the streets of the city  centre, one can admire the old salt houses, the Municipal Theatre, the Church of Suffrage, with its "Callido" organ, and the Tower of St. Michael, built in 1691. The Magazzini del Sale stand on the banks of the Saline Canal, today the home of Musa (the Salt Museum) and an exhibition section. On the right bank, where there is a store called Darsena, one can find the Fountain of the Hanging Carpet, a multicolored mosaic created by the artist Marco Bravura in the style of Tonino Guerra. The renowned hospitality of Romagna, the unique pinewood, Pineta, and the salt-mines, Saline, the late-seventeenth-century historical centre, the cycle paths, the tree-lined avenues, the high quality accommodation, the elegant shops, excellent fish from the Adriatic and 1stclass wines from Romagna, all make your stay in Cervia an  unforgettable experience.