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Location: Brisighella

Nature and culture: in the chalk vein Romagna Regional Park


Departing from the railway station in Brisighella, a charming medieval town, take Via del Borgo towards the town centre.


Go along the CAI (Italian Alpine Club) path for about 4km until you reach the Capanno Speleologico (Caving hut), a meeting point for the entrance to the Grotta Tanaccia cave, where you can go on a caving trip that takes about 1 hour. Then continue towards the Cà Carnè, site of the visitor centre and refuge with the option of food and accommodation, for a visit to the small Museo naturalistico (natural history museum) dedicated to the wildlife of the Vena del Gesso. 
Next, continue along the path with the CAI markings, cross the ridge that separates the Chalky-Sulphurous Formation from the Marly-Arenaceous one, skirt around the peak of Mount Spugi until you reach the Oratory of Vespignano, then at Castelnuovo go back into the woods and climb the chalk cliff.
Return to Cà Carnè and, going down towards Brisighella, stop at Monticino, an outdoor Geological Museum housed in a former quarry, the old, early twentieth century Malpezzi furnace and the medievalRocca (fortress) that dominates the village.

Mode of transport: on foot
Organisation: freely accessible; for the caving expedition telephone +39 0546/81468
Availability: from spring to autumn
Duration: about 3 hours walking; 1 hour for the caving expedition









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