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 A city of unparalleled charm, Ravenna has antique origins and a glorious past having been three times the capital: of the Eastern Roman Empire, the Roman-Barbarian kingdom of Teodorico, and finally, the seat of power to Byzantium in the West through the Exarchate.


The city is a real treasure trove representing some the high points in the history of art.

The Eight Monuments of Ravenna

Firstly, San Vitale and the Mausoleum of Galla Placidia are included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage sites and hold the richest heritage of mosaics dating from the fifth and sixth centuries.

The Byzantine and Paleo-Christian basilicas, the baptisteries, Romanesque churches, the cylindrical campaniles of the tenth and eleventh centuries, the frescoes by Giotto of Santa Chiara, the crypts, the places of ultimate refuge of Dante Alighieri, buildings and cloisters of Renaissance architecture left by the Venetians, elegant seventeenth and eighteenth century palaces in the centre, the new precious discovery of the Domus of Stone Carpets archaeological areas in the Classe vicinity which continue to display important evidence of the antique Port of Augusto, all render Ravenna "the city of art par excellence."


Ravenna is a city that does not, however, remained motionless in relation to the past, but is dynamic in relation to the present with future plans to accept new and ambitious challenges, such as the canditature for 2019 for Ravenna as European Capital City of Culture, in this way claiming its place as a cultural and artistic centre.

The elegant centre that runs in winding streets - now dotted with elegant shops – is reminiscent of a past central lagoon. With a charming view of the city walls and crossed by slow waterways, which were closed at the end of the 1400’s thereby creating new spaces which could be dedicated to the city, like the one that hosts the elegant square, Piazza del Popolo today.
Market: Wednesday and Saturday morning Via Sighinolfi e Piazza Costa

The new Cruise Passenger Terminal is the facility that will finally allow Ravenna to be listed in the great Italian cruise destinations.


The new Terminal is located at the Porto Corsini waterfront, between the yacht marina, the beaches and the pine forest. A beautiful natural setting that perfectly matches with the cheerful and vibrant atmosphere of Marinara, the biggest yacht marina of the Adriatic sea.

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Ravenna has an impressive array of important city museums. The City Art Gallery (MAR), shows important temporary exhibitions and hosts, in the space dedicated to the art gallery, several permanent collections. The National Museum preserves unique collections, among which the findings from excavations of Roman and Byzantine eras stand out. The Archiepiscopal Museum is located in historical Episcopalean Ravenna, founded even before 396, which boasts the presence of the magnificent Chapel of St. Andrew (a UNESCO monument). The Dante Museum collects memorabilia related to cult and fame of the Supreme Poet, while the Museum of the Risorgimento contains exhibitions dedicated to the memory of Mazzini and Garibaldi who came to Ravenna in the recent past.


The two beautiful city theatres, Alighieri and Rasi, are the stages of contemporary drama and theatre of international significance, including a rich program of events dedicated to music. The construction of the Alighieri Theatre was in fact entrusted to the Venetian brothers Tommaso and Giambattista Meduna who undertook the second restoration of the Fenice Theatre, while the Rasi Theatre, with its evocative stage, is housed in the former Church of Santa Chiara, built in 1250 by Chiara da Polenta.

There are numerous events organized continuously throughout the course of the year. Among the most prestigious are the Ravenna Festival, Mosaic Night, Ravenna by Night, the September of Dante and Dante09, Golden Night.
Lovers of outdoor life will appreciate the numerous cycling trails which take you anywhere you want to go from the centre: The Park of Teodorico, the planetarium, the sea or the Basilica of Sant'Apollinare in Classe. The city that inspired Dante, Boccaccio, Lord Byron and Klimt lies in the magnificent beauty of the natural environs that surround it.

The beaches of Ravenna are characterized by a strong identity and a tradition of hospitality and tourism known throughout Europe. The ways in which you can enjoy your holiday are very wide-ranging: you can relax in the sun, play games and sports, maintain your fitness by hiking in the parks, or have fun at the theme park Mirabilandia, as well as being able to enjoy the wide and tasty gastronomy Ravenna has to offer.

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