Marina Romea - Ravenna Intorno

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Ravenna Intorno
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Marina Romea


Quiet, relaxing and evocative landscapes of rare beauty make Marina Romea one of the most elegant beaches on the coast of Ravenna.


This beautiful place - lapped from behind by the Pialassa di Baiona lagoon and bordered to the east and west by the century-old pine woods - offers tourists a priceless holiday experience, based on the ancient concept of Roman "Otium" (or leisure-time).

Marina Romea, with a marina for small boats, villas that meet the green pine forest and golden beaches with modern bathing facilities and natural dunes, guarantees complete rest and carefree living.

This style of life that naturally ensues results in the slow passing of summer days where you can leave your problems behind and engage in pleasurable activities, which will refresh both body and spirit.

A broad and diverse offering of activities are organised during the summer season: including conferences, concerts, shows, and sports events involving horseback riding, canoeing, beach volleyball, beach basketball, badminton and wind-surfing. Furthermore, there are competitions, games, tournaments, and activities for children, along with guided tours of the Park of the Po Delta - the largest natural wetland in Europe – which offer exciting encounters with nature in freshwater and saltwater environments, in the pine forests and on the beautiful beaches.

Summer market: Tuesday afternoon Piazza Italia