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Ravenna Intorno
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According to the most common interpretation, the name Solarolo derives from the Latin solarium, a place exposed to the sunlight. It is located in the southwest part of Ravenna province between the rivers Senio and Santerno.


The town, which is followed by the ‘canale dei Mulini’, is located in the centre of the triangle Lugo-Faenza-Imola. It is swathed in a rich countryside with iridescent colours, an environment that offers fascinating glimpses where Faenza gentle hills stand out.

Excavations unearthed important findings of the Bronze Age and the Roman era. This latter has left an unmistakable stamp due to the centuriation in Solarolo territory where other findings of several villas were found.

The old town was almost completely bombed out during the Second World War. Of the ancient fourteenth-century built-up area there are still private houses, some parts of the Molino (mill) and much of the Mura Manfrediane. Despite the large number of reworkings and restorations, these walls which were built in the second half of the XV century thanks to Faenza lords’ will still have their original structure: scarp walls, vertical ledges and stiffening ribs at its base.

During the second postwar period, the ancient Porta del Castello was rebuild according to the original fifteenth-century model nearby the Rocca ruins. Besides being the fortification which better shows Solarolo prosperous past, the Porta still has a sixteenth-century coat of arms belonging to Este – Gonzaga family.

At about a kilometre from the old town, the Santuario della Beata Vergine della Salute is worthy to be visited. This shrine houses a ceramic image of the Madonna, a very important object to the popular devotion according to the large number of ex-votos housed inside. Built between 1713 and 1736 on the project of Carlo Cesare Scaletta from Faenza, the shrine houses a main altar in valuable marble, ascribable to Toschini brothers from Ravenna.

Solarolo deserves to be explored even in its rich countryside where it is possible to spend the day relaxing and to rediscover the customs and traditions of Romagna agricultural world. Lovers of outdoor life can take a walk through countryside picturesque streets flanked by flourishing vineyards and orchards. The town is also an excellent starting for tourist cycling itineraries. They either travel across the plain towards the seaside or they climb beautiful hills from which difficult paths and steep climbs that made cycling history stretch.