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Riolo Terme


Located in the valley of the river Senio, in a pleasant hill area at the end of the road Via Emilia, Riolo Terme is an enchanting holiday resort. Among its main attractions Riolo Terme numbers a rich historical, environmental and wine and food heritage and, of course, Terme di Riolo waters which were already appreciated in the Roman era for their particular therapeutic properties.


It is no accident that Riolo is often called as'the city of waters'.

The landscape swathed in the Apennine greenery and the accommodation facilities of great quality contribute to the success of a journey which is typically dedicated to the well being, body and spirit research.

However, Riolo is not a thermal town like the others.

Its ancient Rocca, a wonderful example of fifteenth-century military fortification, gives to this small town a special and out of time atmosphere that renders Riolo unforgettable.
Marvellously preserved, today it houses exhibitions, concerts, festivals and, in particular, wine and food festivals. Since 2006, it houses the Museo del Paesaggio dell'Appennino Faentino.

As said before, the prestige of the healing properties of Riolo sulphurous and salsobromoiodic waters and mud baths date back to the Roman era. It has had such an irresistible spread that in the XIX century, the ever increasing flood of hosts suggested the creation of a thermal centre of great value in a particular pleasant position. Nearby the river Senio, the elegant thermal establishments in liberty style were built in 1870 and today, they are placed side by side with modern pavilions.

Not only relax and well-being, but also entertainment plays an important role. The tourist attractions of this town are completed by the Riolo Golf & Country Club that stretches for 200 hectares and the amusement park Acqualand with its long waterslides which plunge into a large circular swimming pool from the hill.

Lovers of nature and outdoor life will find surprisingly beautiful the visit to the Parco della Vena del Gesso which is going to be protected by the creation of a regional natural park. Here, nature with plays on shapes and colours creates fascinating and extraordinary scenery.