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Ravenna Intorno
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Milano Marittima


Cervia, the ancient "City of Salt", has been transformed over the years in terms of tourism development starting from the end of the ninth century. The birth of Milano Marittima, the "Garden City", in 1912 boosted tourism in the area.


Built as an addition to Cervia, Milano Marittima today, with its boutiques and exclusive clubs, is considered one of the most fashionable areas in the Riviera.
The Pineta di Cervia (the pine forest), located behind Milano Marittima, is a reminder, as are the pine forests of San Vitale and Classe, of the great forest that once covered the entire coast of Ravenna. From June to September you can take several "guided walks in the green" and visit the nature park spread over an area of 23 hectares.

In the attractive setting of the age-old pine forest, you will find the Terme di Cervia. On the cutting edge of finding the perfect synergy between science and nature, they use the sludge and the untouched saline water from the salt-mines for therapeutic purposes.
In the evening, Milano Marittima offers endless possibilities for entertainment, from cocktail hour until the early light of dawn. Restaurants renowned for the quality of their cuisine, elegant bars and trendy pubs, street-bars and exclusive clubs, all make it impossible to escape the charm of the Riviera’s nightlife.

Summer market: Monday afternoon and evening Via I^ Traversa -