Marina di Ravenna - Ravenna Intorno

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Ravenna Intorno
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Marina di Ravenna


This old fishing village, built over a century ago, has managed to transform and renew itself over time by anticipating and interpreting new trends. Marina di Ravenna, today, is one of the landmarks of summer on the Romagna Riviera.


Wide boulevards surrounded by greenery and villas from the beginning of the twentieth century surrounded by lush parks overlook a vast beach more than two hundred metres long where there are high quality bathing establishments.

The range of accommodation in Marina di Ravenna is equally interesting. Hotels, residential areas and camping areas meet the needs of all kinds of holiday-maker whether their stay is long or short.

Lovers of walking will find atmospheric hiking trails like the walks that lead to the discovery of the Corsini Canal, or the fish market and the octagonal lighthouse. The latter, on the Dalmatian pier, with its three-mile “walk at sea”, makes a unique and charming addition to the village.

Of note, also, is the recent completion of the touristic port "Marinara" with more than 1,000 berths. The marina is an intervention of quality for which it merits the title of the Adriatic Capital of Yachting.

Summer market: Wednesday and Saturday Viale Spalato

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For fans of the sea, it's well worth visiting the National Museum of Underwater Activities, currently the only one of its kind in Italy, which presents a considerable variety of materials, equipment, dioramas and prints related to marine life.

Diving enthusiasts should visit the picturesque area of “Paguro”, which is a biologically protected area located approximately 12 miles from the


coast dedicated to the restocking of local fish populations. Formed on the remains of a methane drilling platform in 1965, over the years the shape of the wreck has been colonised and today is inhabited by animal and plant forms that make it a unique destination for both researchers and divers.