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Ravenna Intorno
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Location: Lugo

Nature: a heaven of water lilies


For a pleasant spell of relaxation, just steps from the historic centre of Lugo in an enormous,77,252 square metresite, is the enchanting Parco del Loto (Lotus Park) with a rather impressive sight, a sheet of water with a wide expanse of lotus flowers and water lilies and an area designed as a playground (open all year).


The walk continues within the park, with the opportunity of seeing several species of bird, goldfinches, nightingales, coots, herons and kingfishers.

Anyone wanting to go on a bike ride into the past can take the cycle path alongside the Mulini canal.

Mode of transport: on foot in the park, by bicycle along the Mulini canal
Organisation: freely accessible
Availability: spring
Duration: half a day