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Ravenna Intorno
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Nature, food and wine: the salt route


We are in Cervia. We meet at the Darsena Comunale (Municipal Dock). From Via Nazario Sauro we go into Borgo Marina, as far as the “Pantofla”Circolo dei Pescatori (Fishermen's Club), a place to enjoy traditional fish-based cuisine.


We cross the bridge and find ourselves surrounded by three imposing buildings, the Magazzino del Sale Darsena (Dock salt warehouse), theMagazzino Torre (Tower warehouse) the site of the MUSA salt museum and theTorre San Michele (St. Michael’s tower). 

After Torre San Michele, we reach Piazza Andrea Costa, a.k.a. Piazza del Mercato (Market Square) and, on the right after Via Evangelisti, we come to the Circonvallazione Sacchetti one-way system. We carry on towards the Statale Adriatica (SS 16 road) in the direction of  Forlì.
We cross the main SS 254 road to reach the “Camillone” saltpans nature reserve in the great Salina di Cerviapark; this is an operating saltworks where, every five or six days from June to September, Cervia sweet whole salt is extracted using the traditional method.


Mode of transport: on foot through the centre of Cervia, by car to the Saltworks and then on foot
Organisation: freely accessible or, for guided tours of the saltpans, telephone +39 0544 973040
Availability: March to September
Duration: half or full day
Route: Via Nazario Sauro, Piazza Andrea Costa, Via Evangelisti, Circonvallazione Sacchetti, roundabout, Via Martiri Fantini, SS 16 Statale Adriatica towards Forlì, Piazzale Casello Ravenna, across the SS 254 Via Cervese (formerly Via Salara) to the “Camillone” saltpans.