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Location: Cervia

Nature: birdwatching in the saltpans


The destination for this suggestion is in Cervia, reached either independently by car or by train and bicycle.


It then follows a course within the Salina di Cervia saltpans, a habitat of great interest for nature and birdlife in the Po Delta Regional Park.
The starting point is the Visitor Centre, from where trips can be taken by boat, on foot or by bicycle.

“La via dei Nidi” (Nest path) is a nature trail (on foot or by electric boat).

The walk takes place on the high bank of the district canal where, thanks to special screening, it is possible to birdwatch.
The Via dei Nidi trip can also be made by electric boat; from the Visitor Centre you set off in a southerly direction to navigate a stretch of the district canal in the saltpans along Via dei Nidi.
First landing stage for going up the viewing tower, which can also be reached on foot.
The trip resumes, arriving at the second landing stage on the high bank and continues from here on foot.


The industry and nature trail, on foot or by bicycle, follows a beaten track to the Salina Camillone saltpans. 

This is an old, traditionally-run saltworks and the traditional tools used by the salt workers can still be seen. You can carry on to the salting basins by electric boat (not recommended for those of reduced mobility).

La via dei Tamerici (Tamarisk trail) historical route

This approximately 1.5 km route, on foot or by bicycle (electric bicycle on request), to the heart of the saltpans, on the site of  Ficocle (the original settlement of Cervia), provides opportunities for birdwatching in the inner basins of the saltpans and for investigating the flora, fauna and history of Cervia.

Mode of transport: on foot, by bicycle or electric boat
Organisation: booking essential, telephone +39 0544/973040
Availability: March to October
Duration: half or full day