The Chapel of St. Andrew (5th Century) - Ravenna Intorno

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Ravenna Intorno
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The Chapel of St. Andrew (5th Century) - Ravenna

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Piazza Arcivescovado - Ravenna
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A unique Orthodox monument built during the reign of Teodorico, the Archbishop's Chapel, also known as the Chapel of St. Andrew, is the ancient Episcopalian oratory of Ravenna, commissioned by Bishop Peter II and dedicated to St. Peter Chrysologus.

The chapel forms the shape of a cross, with a marble vestibule at the bottom and extraordinarily rich and unique mosaics at the top. Very obvious is the anti-Aryan message contained within the mosaic work of the atrium, which depicts Christ the Warrior in the act of crushing the beast of heresy and condemning the then dominant political government of Teodorico. What really stand out on the ribbed vaults are the images of the four archangels in the oldest Biblical tradition - Michael, Gabriel, Raphael and Uriel - carrying Christ to heaven, according to the words of the four evangelists in the Holy Gospels (to emphasise that the true Christian faith is Catholicism). In the secondary arches at the sides, there are two processions of six saints on each side from the age of the martyrs, a further indication of the Orthodox nature of this important building.