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Ravenna Intorno
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Angelo Masini - Faenza

interior of the thatre
Piazza Nenni - Faenza
Opening hours: info +39 0546 21306, 691663
Phone: +39 0546 21306, 691663

The Masini is a classic example of an Italian theatre and also one of the most important buildings of Italian neoclassical architecture.

The Architect was Giuseppe Pistocchi (1744-1814); work began in 1780, continued until 1783 and was completed in 1787. The building is divided into three sections, the stage and the audience area or auditorium (stalls and boxes), equal in floor area and square in shape and the third part, including the foyer and the portico facing the square, covering half the floor area of the first two.

The auditorium is in the usual horseshoe pattern, which was given greater emphasis in the 1851-53 renovations.

Below floor level, facing the proscenium, is a lowered area or orchestra pit, which is still usable, reflecting Teatro Masini’s great opera traditions.