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Ravenna Intorno
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Casa museo Raffaele Bendandi - Faenza

Raffaele Bendandi
Via Manara, 17 - Faenza
Opening hours: info +39 0546 25206
Phone: +39 0546 25206

 Born in Faenza from a modest family of workers and self-taught, as he described himself, Raffaele Bendandi (1893-1979) made unique discoveries in several fields, particularly that of earthquakes, proving their cosmic origin; he also undertook research in astronomy, geophysics, magnetism, the universe, climate and atmospheric radioactivity (for atomic purposes).
He proved that all these terrestrial and solar events are caused by a gravitational imbalance, that there is a definite solar impact on the health of human bodies and a marked effect on brain cells.

Bendandi’s work is reflected in the Casa Museo(House Museum) through a series of monographs, articles, books and other materials.
Here Bendandi had created a homemade laboratory with equipment for indicating telluric activity, which is still in working order. In the little room where he lived, his personal items, photographs and furniture are kept, just as he left them.