Casa museo Il Cardello - Ravenna Intorno

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Ravenna Intorno
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Casa museo Il Cardello - Casola Valsenio

Via Cardello, 5 - Casola Valsenio
Opening hours: info +39 0546 73135
Phone: +39 0546 73135

The “Cardello” is a rare and beautiful example of a nineteenth-twentieth-century Romagna stately home located in the hills of Casola Valsenio and is the building where Alfredo Oriani spent most of his life and did all his writing.

It is not known when it was built; we only know that it was the guest quarters of the Benedictine Abbey in Valsenio, which is recorded as far back as 1126. Purchased in 1855 by Luigi Oriani, Alfredo's father, it underwent restoration work in 1926, inspired by the neo-Romanesque style in vogue in the early years of the fascist regime but this did not address the conservation of the original architecture; Oriani’s bedroom was preserved however, with the bed where he died on 18 October 1909 as well as the study with his private library of about 600 books.

 The monumental area containing Alfredo Oriani’s tomb was constructed near the building, showing the coats of arms of Italian cities in tribute to the writer’s memory. In an underground vault in front, lie the remains of his father and daughter-in-law.
An immense, luxuriant park with the benefit of almost thirty thousand plants stretches around the Cardello, designated by the Ministry of Culture and the Environment as an “area of significant public interest”.