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Casa museo Francesco Baracca - Lugo

Via Baracca, 65, Lugo
Opening hours: info +39 0545 28421, 38561
Phone: +39 0545 28421, 38561

The House was renovated in 1916 but probably dates from the second half of the nineteenth century and belonged to the Baracca family until 1951, when ownership passed to the town of Lugo for use as a museum, under the will and testament of Count Enrico Baracca, Francesco’s father. The marble inscription, on the front of the building, confirms that it was the birthplace of the First World War ace fighter pilot. The façade is an example of twentieth-century eclecticism, superimposed with decorative elements attributable to early century Art Nouveau.
Inside are some period windows and elegant wooden furnishings as well as pastel or fresco decorations on the principal ceilings.

The Museum represents the starting point of a city tour that includes the Monument, designed and completed in 1936 by the Faenza sculptor Domenico Rambelli and considered one of the best expressions of twentieth century Italian sculpture and also the Burial Chapel in the city cemetery, decorated by the Lugo artist Roberto Sella, in which a magnificent sarcophagus can be seen, cast from bronze Austrian cannons from the Karst Plateau.