Casa Olindo Guerrini - Ravenna Intorno

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Ravenna Intorno
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Casa Olindo Guerrini - Ravenna

Casa Guerrini, Sant'Alberto-Ravenna
Via Olindo Guerrini, 60 - S.Alberto Ravenna
Opening hours: info +39 0544 529805
Phone: +39 0544 529805

Casa Guerrini is the house lived in, for a long time, by the poet Olindo Guerrini (b. Forlì 4/10/1845 – d. Bologna 21/10/1916).

Donated to the City of Ravenna by the poet’s son, Guido Guerrini, on condition that it was used as a cultural centre, the house is on two floors and has ten rooms; one is the kitchen, which still retains its original furnishings, three are used as a library, one is a meeting room and the others are available for cultural and educational activities.
Casa Guerrini is a lively cultural centre in fact, hosting conferences, exhibitions, courses and workshops.