Santa Maria in Porto - Ravenna Intorno

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Ravenna Intorno
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Santa Maria in Porto - Ravenna

santa maria in porto
via di Roma 19, Ravenna
Opening hours: info +39 0544 35404
Phone: +39 0544 212055

Today, the impressive sixteenth-century Basilica of Santa Maria  in Portopresents to its visitors a splendid façade, the fruit of modifications carried out by the architect Camillo Morigia in the late eighteenth century. 

Constructed using Istrian stone and adorned with half-columns and statues, the façade is divided into two rows. The inferior is adorned by the central statue of theMadonna Greca(1698), flanked, on the left, by theCarità e Fede(Charity and Loyalty) and, on the right, by theSperanza and Umiltà (Hope and Humility), while the superior hosts in succession the figures of Sant’Ubaldo, Beato Pietro degli Onesti (Blessed Peter of the Chaste), San Lorenzo and Sant’Agostinowho symbolically narrate the origins of this religious edifice. 

The grand and solemn interior in Renaissance style (Palladian) is divided into three naves with a broad transept surmounted by a 48-metre-high dome. 

In the chapel left of the transept, in a richly decorated niche, the icon of the Mother of God in Prayer, also known as the “Madonna Greca”, is preserved. It is a valuable work in Greek marble relief which miraculously arrived in Ravenna from Constantinople