Duomo o Basilica Ursiana - Ravenna Intorno

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Ravenna Intorno
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Duomo o Basilica Ursiana - Ravenna

exterior_photo from archive of Risveglio2000
piazza Duomo, Ravenna
Opening hours: info +39 0544 35404
Phone: +39 0544 541688

The Ursian Basilica, built in the fifth century at the request of Bishop Orso, was designed to look impressive, being divided into five naves supported by fifty-six columns. In later centuries, it was transformed and, in 1733, it was completely rebuilt on a design by Giovanni Francesco Buonamici. 

Testimonies of the antique cathedral can still be traced under the broad construction of the Dome one sees today. Twenty-four columns, marble floors, four columns in the atrium and entrance, and, above all, the monumental marble ambon from the period of the Archbishop Agnello (557-570), were recovered from the original Ursian Basilica. Further traces of the building are preserved in the collection at the Archbishop’s Museum. 

Of note in the works of great interest from the Paleo-Christian period are sarcophagi - dated around the fifth century - Esuperanzio (Massimiano), Barbaziano and Rinaldo, and precious eighteenth-century frescoes by Domenico and Andrea Barbiani.