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Ravenna Intorno
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Chiesa della Commenda - Faenza

Girolamo da Treviso "The Younger", Vergin enthroned. Detail: Saint Catherine of Alexandria.
Piazza Fra Sabba da Castiglione, Faenza
Opening hours: info +39 0546 25231
Phone: +39 0546 25231

The Chiesa della Commenda (Church of the Commandery) is the main monument in the village of Durbecco, of medieval origin and with village walls from the Fifteenth century. The Commenda was probably established in the first half of the 12th century, although the oldest parts visible today date from the thirteenth (the apse and part of the bell tower) and fourteenth (the porch to shelter pilgrims on the left-hand side).
Together with the adjacent Ospizio del Santo Sepolcro (Hospice of the Holy Sepulchre), it was built to accommodate pilgrims traveling to or from the Holy Land.

Among the earliest alterations, mention should be made of the renovation of the adjoining cloister in 1525 and, later, the huge fresco in the apsidal vault completed for Fra Sabba in 1533 by Girolamo da Treviso the Younger, on his way to Faenza.
The other important work, on the left-hand wall, consists of a very delicate monochrome fresco, with the now elderly Fra Sabba being presented to the Virgin by St. Joseph (patron of a happy death) while, on the left, are John the Baptist and Mary Magdalene.

There are also interesting fragments of frescoes on the walls, from the fourteenth-century local school.