Torre dell'Orologio - Ravenna Intorno

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Ravenna Intorno
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Torre dell'Orologio - Brisighella

the clock tower of Brisighella
Via Pascoli , Brisighella
Opening hours: info: +39 0546 81166
Phone: +39 0546 994415

The Torre dell’Orologio(Clock Tower) was originally a small fort, built of square blocks of chalk in 1290 by Maghinardo Pagani da Susinana, to control those besieged in the nearby castle of Baccagnano. Until 1500, together with the Fortress, it formed the defensive system of the town. The tower was damaged and rebuilt several times and was completely rebuilt in 1850 in pseudo-Gothic style.

The clock was also installed the same year. The clock-face has a six-hour dial and marks the passing of time with a chime that cascades across the valley below. Like the Fortress, it is an exceptional vantage point with views of the badlands and the beautiful valley of the River Lamone. Looking up from the town below, the clock tower to the right of the Fortress, along with the Shrine to the Blessed Virgin of Monticino, to its left, forms an integral part of the famous three hills of Brisighella.