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Ravenna Intorno
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Rocca Estense - Lugo

entrance to the fortress of Lugo
Piazza Martiri 1, Lugo
Opening hours: info +39 0545 38414
Phone: +39 0545 38414

This fortification was built in several phases. The present appearance dates mainly from the Renaissance. It has an unusual appearance, half-way between the fifteenth century type of quadrangular-plan castle and the late sixteenth century type of fortress with ramparts.

The ramparts to the south-west were altered to make way for the Giardino Pensile (Hanging gardens) that we can still admire today and are reached via the inner courtyard. However, in spite of several further changes made in recent times, the current appearance of the Castle dates basically from the end of the sixteenth century.

Of particular note is the Salone Estense(D’Este stateroom), with wooden panels from the second half of 15th century recording the exploits of Borso d'Este, as well as the family coats of arms, the towerTorre del Soccorso, which was used to restock and rescue those who were barricaded inside the castle, theGiardino Pensile (late 1700s or early 1800s) and the roomSala Baracca (from the 1920s).