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Ravenna Intorno
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Stele di Caio Vario - Cotignola

roman stele of Varii
Corso Sforza 21
Opening hours: info +39 0545 280898
Phone: +39 0545 908870

In the garden of Palazzo Sforza, location of the archaeological town hall, there is a small part of the roman necropolis, inside of which are carried out archaeological findings and materials ideally placed as along a roadway. The main piece of the exposition is the roman stele of Varii family, typology defined as ‘a pseudoedicola’, with portraits alternating dedicatory inscriptions. These inscriptions mention the name of the owner, Caio Vario (high-ranking personality), as well as of his wife and of his son.

Inside the exhibition area there are other archaeological finds and findings coming from Cotignola, including the roman stele of Caio Rufrenio Severo, dating back to the end of first century A.D. and the so-called tombs “alla cappuccina” (tombs covered with double weathered bricks).